Tour of The Merrimack

The MyriadWith my re-kindled (pun intended :-)) interest in book reading I finished the four book series Tour of The Merrimack last Tuesday. So I guess that, just like I sometimes write about some of the films we’re watching, I could write down a few words about my book reading which has really taken off now with the Kindle app on my tablet.

The Tour of The Merrimack series is composed of The Myriad, Wolf Star, The Sagittarius Command and Strength & Honor. It was an interesting series with a fairly unique base concept but I have to say that I struggled a bit with it although the author must have done something right because I did go through the entire series after all.

The base concept of the Roman empire never really dying but just hiding away as some secret sect and then resurface many years in the future as a star empire complete with an emperor, Latin as the official language, lying down to eat, gladiator games and Roman political power games felt a bit too bizarre for me throughout the series but it was still bearable.

My main gripe was that, although this was supposed to be military science fiction, the writer was pretty much clueless about most things science as well as military.

All in all the time spent was not really wasted and sometimes quite enjoyable but not really any wow-this-was-good material.

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