Goodreads, a nice site for book readers

BooksSome time ago, I was browsing the web hunting for information about books, book authors and thinking about what to read next.

Doing so I was fortunate enough to discover a site called Goodreads. Goodreads is a site where book readers can gather to share their experiences, rate books and get recommendations for new books to read. You might call it Facebook for bookworms although that’s probably somewhat of an insult given the amount of nonsense crap that flies around on Facebook.

One of the nice things about Goodreads is that you can keep track of the books you’ve read and, more importantly, you can rate how much you liked them and give reviews. Once you have rated at least 20 books Goodreads will give you recommendations for other books to read based on how you rated the ones you’ve already read. The have a database of more than 180 million books so the chances are fairly good that they’ll find something interesting for you and if you think you might be interested in a book you can see what other people thought about it.

You can also become member of groups of people with similar book interests. I quickly became member of three groups:

  • SciFi Aficionados
  • Horror Aficionados
  • SciFi and Fantasy Book Club

In general a quite nice site which have already given me some interesting recommendations for good reads. Can be recommended if you’re interested in, English, book reading.

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