Thor, slightly underwhelming

ThorLast evening was film-time evening again and we sat down to watch the Thor Blu-ray that was delivered from Amazon a few days ago.

I have to say that I was slightly underwhelmed. Sure the special effects was not bad and the sound, DTS Master Audio 7.1, was just excellent but it simply felt a bit on the cheap side.

The script was just silly. Thor get’s cast out for being arrogant and in a day or so he learns to be a “politically correct” pacifist and then goes to beat up the bad guy. What a joke! Sadly enough the film is not exactly true to the original Marvel depiction of Thor.

Some other choices that was made also felt cheap. The government agents that ran around was also just silly and stereotypic. The thing that annoyed me the most was that the main fight down on earth was played out in a small nonsense desert town just as in any low-budget B-movie. Come on!

Well, regardless of the faults it was still altogether an enjoyable film, although not as much as I hoped for. As I said, the special effects where quite alright and the sound just excellent. I really like it when time and effort is taken to produce a true 7.1 soundtrack. It was a well-balanced track as well with a LFE channel that was always present but never went overboard with unnecessary rumbling effects.

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