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Got my Phone 7 Mango update today

Samsung Omnia 7This morning my Windows phone greeted me with a nice message saying that an update was available for it. Of course I plugged the phone in to my PC as soon as I got the chance to do so and went into Zune to launch the update. After about half an hour, maybe a little less, the update was done and my phone showed a nice Software: Windows Phone 7.5 line in the About box.

This is probably one of the more waited for and hyped about phone updates in quite a while. Quite frankly, this update didn’t make an enormous difference to me. Sure there’s some nice tweaks here and there and I have probably not discovered them all yet. Sure, it brings full (almost) multitasking to the phone. I cannot say that I have ever missed it. It brings improvements to the messaging threads and a lot more fine tuning but nothing that jumps out and hits me.

The one improvement that made a bit of difference for me is that you can now link email inboxes. This was really a bad omission in the first release. Now I can have a single tile and can see all my incoming emails with a single click. Another improvement is that the photo sync with SkyDrive started to work again after being broken by the NoDo update.

I quickly flicked through my favorite apps to make sure that they all still worked as expected, which they did. So, for me to summarize the update at this time in one sentence it would be: It made an already very good Phone OS even better.

I have to say though that I still miss a way of downloading custom alerts (not ringtones, alerts) to the phone. That you cannot set your own alerts for things like incoming SMS, incoming email etc. is just crap. It’s absolutely incredible that Microsoft have not yet provided this.

2 comments on “Got my Phone 7 Mango update today

  1. True, true… for those picky Apple-bytes or Android Maniacs, Mango was a much-needed and thus much-hyped update. But for those who fell in love with WP7 the moment Redmond drew back the curtain, Mango simply makes something good better

    Cheers ! Check my website :
    Regular Microsoft updates, news, reviews

    P.S. Love the Don’t Buy Apple Picture….priceless and…. true!!!!


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